Top 5 Home Buying Myth’s

What are the top 5 home buying myths?

Have you been dreaming about a larger, roomier or more luxurious living space? Or perhaps just want to experience the joy of owning your own home and building your net worth instead of renting? Many times the biggest hinderances buyers have are related to myths. Let’s explore the top 5.

You Need Perfect Credit To Buy A Home

Many people do not purchase a home due to believing their credit is not in a place to get approved. Depending on your financial situation it may be possible to get pre-approved with as little as a 620 credit score. with an FHA home loan.

You Need A 20% Down Payment To Purchase A Home

Lenders have a variety of loan products that are tailored to many different budgets. Most homebuyers purchase homes with as little as 3.5% down!

Down Payment Is The Only Cost

As a home buyer make sure to budget funds for:

  • Closing Costs – (on avg. can be 3% of the purchase price)
  • Inspections – (on average $250 and up depending on the type of inspections requested)
  • Appraisal – (on average around $550)

If I Wait Prices Will Go Down

We are in a strong seller’s market meaning there are more buyers than homes on market. While we do not know what will happen in the future, statistically speaking home prices rose 7.1% over in 2020. Home prices are projected to rise 10.1% in 2021.When you are ready, our professional real estate team is here to help you find the home of your dreams. To learn more about buying in our area and to view homes that are perfect for first-time buyers, contact us today.

There Are Many Homes On Market

While homes come up for sale every day in December 2020 the inventory was as low as it was in 2005. This is a strong seller’s market with many homes going under contract quickly and with multiple offers. It takes great agents like us to help buyers navigate this market to a successful sale.

Top 5 Myths When Buying A Home

Ready to Purchase a Home?

We would be happy to help you begin your home purchase goals. Reach out to us today and we can discuss all of the steps to achieve your objective!

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