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PadTrust™ is the cornerstone of a thriving community of home sellers, buyers, and investors. Through creative financing, we are unlocking pathways to wealth generation, financial security, debt recovery, and home sustainability, empowering Ashburn & the surrounding communities to overcome traditional housing barriers and evolve buyers and sellers into savvy real estate investors.

What is a home’s most valuable feature?

While many might point to equity, which fluctuates over time, we highlight a different aspect – a homes low cost debt and the associated interest rate. In a market where low interest rates are prized, an existing low rate or a home without an existing loan becomes a highly valuable commodity to future buyers looking for a stable monthly payment.

Homes have a 5.5% or lower interest rate

Potential Buyers Have No Credit Score

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We are a dedicated team connecting buyers and sellers, fostering a community of empowered homeowners and real estate investors. We are excited to introduce you to a revitalized approach to selling and buying homes through creative financing, that could significantly enhance your real estate goals.

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